John W.

Attributes of my OLD LIFE…

I was…

I had poor priorities…

I used to look at life like it was a one shot, short-term experience, which is a very miserable way to live. I wasted all of my time and money on things that were useless and only served to destroy my future… I used drugs and alcohol to cope with daily life and thought that it was normal to do so…

My family was so tired of dealing with my recklessness and my marriage was crippled due to lies and selfishness on my part. My mother couldn’t sleep at night, my wife didn’t trust me at all, I lost a great job due to being dishonest and wasted everything that was ever given to me.

How could this happen to me? I lived the definition of insanity. I kept on doing the same things, over and over again… The only difference is that I never actually expected different results because I didn’t look that far ahead!

But I couldn’t see how it was my fault! I didn’t realize that I was in denial. I’ve learned that the first step is knowing and admitting that I’m wrong. This is where God first made me aware of His involvement in my life.

When I was 25 years old, Gods’ grace fell upon me in such a way that I instantly and remarkably understood everything. God showed me my brokenness in such a way that it literally proved to me that He was there, that He loved me and that He wanted more for me. He had plans for me, my marriage and everyone I loved.

I realized then that a power greater than myself was able to break the chains of my past and show me a new way.

I’ve learned that God has knowledge and wisdom He wants to share with me, if only I will believe it and walk in it. So, I have began to walk in what I had been learning. Some of it comes easy and some of it is more difficult and is a continual battle.

I didn’t know how to take hold of the awesome power that God offers until I committed myself to Celebrate Recovery and began working the 8 PRINCIPLES of the Beatitudes… When I applied my myself to these and opened myself up to God, He took my troubles and taught me how to learn from my mistakes. I also know that He will never allow a single moment of my life be wasted, especially my mistakes.

See, God wants me to have an abundant life. He wants me to start this new life now. I have to follow Him in order to take what’s He’s offering. I can’t continue to walk down my own path and think that God is going to make His will happen in my life.
I must consciously choose to commit all my will to Christ’s care and control. I must admit when I’m wrong.

I’ve learned to make myself aware of my past and my present life in order to keep on growing. We call this spiritual inventory…

As I grow, it’s like draining a lake. As the water recedes, the rocks beneath the surface are beginning to show themselves. This is good and it’s also very difficult for me. God is using Celebrate Recovery to renew my mind and transform my life.

1. He has changed my priorities!
a. Now I see things more clearly, I realize that some things are not worth my time. My time is valuable and that God goes everywhere I go.

2. People trust me!
a. My family, friends, co-workers and others have faith in me.
b. Very importantly, my wife is learning to trust me again.
c. I’m learning to be honest even when it’s really hard to be, because I’m not perfect.
d. God has shown me how to live with a pure heart. This is freedom, the way God meant for us to understand it.

3. God has given me a true STANDARD for which to measure my life!
a. God has shown me how to live for His approval instead of living for the approval of other people.
b. He has taught me how to make choices and decisions everyday using knowledge and wisdom instead of feelings and desires.

4. He has given me boldness I didn’t know was possible.

Attributes of my NEW LIFE…

I am…

More patient
Less angry
I’m still stubborn J
I don’t want to be lustful
Self reliant
Less anxious
Good priorities
I know who I am and what I’m here for…

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