In today’s increasingly secular culture, the church must take steps not only to evangelize, but also to disciple new believers. The main purpose and goal of Foundations Ministry is prop up new believers and provide them with the tools they need to survive and prosper.

We provide instruction in the foundational elements of God’s Word; this feeds them and prepares them to stand firm. We also commit to provide the necessary prayer and encouragement that will keep them focused.

Authority of Scripture

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Through the years, as I’ve grown and developed as a Christian disciple, I’ve been extremely blessed to be surrounded by sound Biblical teaching. One of the most impressive subjects I’ve studied is the Authority and Inerrancy of Scripture (a concept revived by Martin Luther over 500 years ago, but seemingly lost in many churches today.)

I never understood the authority for my life until I understood that the Bible now stands (in this New Testament Age) is God’s comprehensive communication system to mankind. In the Bible we find the answer to our questions about the origin of everything, why we struggle, morality, how to live our lives, how to be saved, and what’s going to happen in the future.

Through my journey of discipleship, God has developed in me a wonderful Biblical Worldview. I consider this well-rounded perspective on life as one of the most precious treasures I possess. This has prompted me to go on the defensive against another worldview; the worldview of Secular Humanism.

Secular Humanism is the belief that man is god and that all knowledge is based in Naturalistic Uniformitarianism. (Modern Science) Don’t get me wrong, I love science; the scientific method is one of man’s greatest accomplishments—as an engineer I am a scientist; I’ve studied all areas of science and love making observations and conclusions based upon the creative genius of the Creator God. God made us in His image and that includes His creative attributes. We create because we are made in His image; however, we are limited to the matter and information that God has already created—we don’t create from nothing like God did in the beginning…

The word science means “To Know.” Real science (what we call Empirical Science) relates to things that can be observed, measured, falsified. Origin science is not empirical science; assumptions about the age of the earth, dinosaurs, geology, and astrology (and on and on) has been used to push Secular Humanism. These areas of science are not dealing with things that can be observed or measured. For example, the concept of molecule to man evolution (i.e. the leading theory in modern science related to the origin of human life) has never been observed and cannot be falsified. The pushers of this theory say that given enough time it happens. That’s not science, that’s faith. The argument is not science vs. religion—it’s religion vs. religion!

Carbon dating methods are full of assumptions and are not able to provide solid proof for the age of various forms of matter. The reason some people believe in an old earth is because of what’s called the Geologic Column. This is a model that shows that the various layers of earth’s crust (strata) demonstrate a slow gradual build-up of sediments over millions and even billions of years. This is simply one way of interpreting what is observed in nature. A Christian can look at the same strata and interpret that same data as showing evidence for a worldwide flood; which is what the Bible teaches.

Adding to the mission of Foundations Ministry, we will commit to delivering a unique and comprehensive defense of truth as commanded in Scripture. (1 Peter 3:15) The church must be salt and light. Our job is to evangelize the lost, but it’s also to build up and disciple those that are saved.

We live in an age of reason; and the world thinks believing in Scripture is not reasonable; the world has been duped into thinking this way by Satan. This war is not between Christians and Science; this is a spiritual war that has waged on since the Fall.
Foundations Ministry is committed to work toward making the church aware of the influence of secular thinking in church and in public life. Our goal is to help believers develop a strong Biblical Worldview that will bless them and strengthen their faith and their witness.

May God bless and prosper these efforts…
(John Whited – Foundations Ministry)


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